Part of second theme

I’m really moving on this. I’m shocked. Something loosened up when I got nervous about having too many things on my to-do list.

So I’m done (well, with editing and tweaking, I have no doubt) with the part where he’s messing around between C#M and F#m. He’s got a lot going on with a diminished chord there, as one might expect. Now, there’s the part that’s in Em still to go.

I need to write it down, though. I hate not having it written down. So there’s that. Then, it g’zinta Lilypond with a blank viola staff over it. Then, I hand-write in the viola part. Then, that g’zinta Lilypond. Lots of g’zintas ahead. 🙂

Then, I inflict it on my old viola teacher. Heh heh. I’m going to make him regret having said, “Stay in touch!” when I stopped taking lessons. It’d be a nice piece for a student, though. Both student pianist and student violist.