The second theme up to the part where he starts going into e! (There — did you see? I used the lowercase for the minor. It’s hard to force myself to do it. I’m just not used to that way of denoting it.)

Anyhow, I’m really thrilled that I’ve got this much written down. The part where he first says “fann’ eco” is hard to manage. I’m still not sure how I want to do that. It’s tough to get the timing right, and it’s tough to know whether something is hard because it just shouldn’t be played that way, and hard because it’s simply hard and has to be worked at. I’m not conservatory-ready or anything, but I’ve got enough technique and ease with the piano that I can trust whether something “feels” right on the hands or not. Often, music that sounds right will also feel right. After years of doing this, one just gets a sense of how something should sit in the hands. But sometimes it’s tough to know the difference between whether a piece of music feels clumsy because it’s written poorly, or feels clumsy because it’s just a tough spot and has to be worked at. I think this is just a tough spot, timing-wise.

I’ve found that the only thing I can do is breathe in short, timed puffs of air when I’m trying to keep time, and I still don’t get it exactly right. I tried to keep a visual image in my head, but that seized my attention too much and I stopped listening. Turned out it works much better if it’s a physical thing, but tapping a foot or moving any major muscle group ruined it for me. It had to be something unintrusive and small, just tiny puffs of air. And hopefully nothing that will make me hyperventilate or pass out. I’d hate to use this breathing thing in longer pieces of music; I’d have to do it only in short, specific passages. Maybe I could use silent tongue clicks in my mouth.

But, it works. Like the Duke said, if it sounds good, it is good.

So, one more page to go, and then, I’m back to the first theme. It should be a dal segno sort of thing, with more flash and difference in the viola part than in the piano part, but I’m not entirely sure. The last recap of the main intro will be different for the piano, though. More meaty. I’d like to actually score what I want the viola to do, but I do want to note on the score that if the violist would like to just have fun and improv around the main theme, that’s okay, too. If they don’t, then they can play what’s written.