More viola stuffs

I’m glad I have to patience equanimity brickheadedness to keep going with this thing. Stuff is definitely continuing to settle out, although I am now up to the Happy, Ugly Farmer and am less than thrilled with it. I wonder if I can’t ignore his ugly tuchus and go straight to the Garotte Gavotte. Fingering continues to improve at a glacial pace, but that is the low-hanging fruit, really. Bowing is doing odd things, only because I think I’m slowly becoming aware of just how vast it is. My instructor did say that the viola is a bit like an out-of-focus photograph in that it all sort of slowly comes into focus over time instead of one thing being perfected and then work beginning on another.

Some minor advances on piano. NO advances AT ALL on the writing *sigh*. But I continue to hammer away at “Bethena” and the Ginastera. I did nothing on “Mormorio.” I watched “Partenope” last night, though. What a pity that Scholl had a bad cold for that one (and that it went through the cast like wildfire). He was wonderful, but only because he’s so good that he can sing at 50% and still be great.