A kitten-fur kind of night

Referring to this post. It’s been a good night, both for viola and piano.

The viola was pleasant, and I’m finding myself better able to have a nice bow hold and decent intonation, and to keep more than a few things within my sphere of attention. That will help tremendously. I don’t know why, but I seem to have gone up a level in the amount of “chunking” my conscious mind is capable of.

I’ve been doing slow practice on “Bethena” and “Moon of Memory,” which has been quite challenging on the first. Slow practice really does allow you to become aware of a whole new level of issues that can then be solved. It’s wonderful. I’m ferreting out things that were always problems, but that had always been in my rear view mirror by the time I was aware of them. I’d always go, “Damn! That again!” just after the nick of time. The slow practice really lets me become aware of these things in time to do something about them.