Still messing around with the Suzuki stuff, and the music-box Minuet #3, and I’ve discovered that that lousy reach with 4 on the D string and 3 on the G that used to kick my boney ass from here to Mars is now doable with zero extra effort. I actually have to worry about not going sharp!

I have no clue what happened. I just loosened up my hand, I think. And I drop my wrist shamelessly. That’s probably not so wonderful, but tough. Playing a viola is like being in the field in Special Forces. You do what you need to in order to survive.

In other words, Stevie’s being a nice kitty today. Tomorrow, it’s probably back to arm-shredding time.

I seem incapable of putting the damned thing down entirely, which is aggravating. Turns out it wasn’t so much a breakup or divorce as a transition to a sort of fuckbuddy relationship. As long as we’re both happy and using protection. And I know he’s not seeing anyone else. 🙂