Happy noodles in F#M

Enjoyable evening last night. More to come. 🙂

I should elaborate — that D-maybe-Dorian thing that I’m piffling with is enjoyable, but that’s more just a nice phrase that I’m extending slowly. The F#M stuff was flat-out “just hit keys and enjoy yourself,” and it was fun. There were definite moments where things gelled very nicely, including one fairly long stretch of a few seconds where things just flowed out, and then a lot of fits and starts. I’m going to keep going tonight — who knows in what key. Just something that sounds nice.

I feel like a baby at the “ma-ma ba-ba poo-poo” stage, just babbling happily to myself and seeing how the equipment works. I wish I hadn’t internalized so quickly and neatly the attitude that playing by ear was bad, and that the way to do it right was to play other people’s notes correctly. I keep saying it, but I did learn a lot of good technique, and technique is a big part of what enables you to remove the physical object that is the instrument as a barrier between you and what you want to say. I just wish that “sit down and noodle for fun” had also been recognized and permitted as a vital part of one’s musical upbringing. Music pedagogy is really lacking.