Hm — just noodling for a month solid

I think I’m going to try something. I’ve come up with something rather nice, even though I’m not sure what tempo it’s in. (Super-slow 12/8? Andante 3/4? Who the hell know. I think it’s 3/4 but I’m not sure. This is me; it’s got threes in it somewhere.)

But I think I’m going to try something and see what happens. I’m going to write down that nice thingie I came up with two nights ago … and then I’m going to let it go. I’m just going to let myself noodle for a month solid, every night, and see what happens. See how my noodling goes — better, worse, longer, shorter, more or less creative, or if it decides to start coming more easily or not. Again, if I come up with something nice, I can always write it down. But I’m going to release myself from the feeling of having to develop an idea that I’ve gotten. Once it’s written down, I am just going to let it go. Stop trying to pursue it the minute it pops its head out. Maybe I’ll complete it eventually, maybe I’ll just keep popping out new eight-measure ideas, maybe I’ll start popping out 16-measure ideas. Maybe my improv will continue to be halting and jerky, maybe it will gain some smoothness.

But I’m going to just noodle and have fun, every night, for a month. And see what happens. The viola’s going to have to sit in its case for a while; it’ll give the new strings time to stretch anyhow. Piano for a month, with no pressure to develop anything that comes out, just keep piffling around.

Update: Crap. I think it’s 6/8 again. Don’t get me wrong, I like 6/8 obviously but … jeez.