Every now and then …

… I stop back into the Piano World forum to see if anything interesting might, against all sane expectations, have popped up.

I click on a link. “I did not say that!” “Yes, you did.” “Both of you shut up.” “[senseless off-topic statement by member known for going Drive-By Surrealist a lot]” “I am much smarter than you, and I think XYZ.” “You are an arrogant ass, furthermore I think PDQ.” “I take extreme exception to you calling me an ass.” “I take extreme exception to your extreme exception-taking!”

I click on another link. “I utterly refute you without evidence!” “You said X, which is completely stupid.” “I did not say that, you’re stupid, so there!” “We argue too much on here.” “No, we don’t!” “[yet another context-free bizarre surrealist statement by the same member]”

Jesus Christ on a crutch. Every single thread degenerates into that sort of conversational pocket lint within about ten posts. Humans are problematic at best, but most often completely useless. I wish I could say that the Violinist.com forum was any different, but for the most part, if one does a search-and-replace on “piano” with “violin,” it’s just about identical.

This is why I turn off comments and as a result have damned few readers. Read or not if you like, but if you want to experience the never-changing bucket of crabs that is interactive human babble, you’ll have to go elsewhere. There’s one babbling crab in this bucket, and it doesn’t want company.