“Suffer!” “Bite me!”

When did we lose the joy of playing classical music? It’s almost like we have to suffer. Enough with depression!” she says at the end.

To conclude (hopefully, since no one will care about it but me and a few parents of left-handers who may wind up here after googling “left-handed violinist”), I think the “Suffer!” attitude is part and parcel of why string players are so entrenched against allowing lefties to play how Nature has made us to play. If you must be traumatized and suffer for music, then so much the better! Abrade yourself on the hard stone altar of Classical Music! Suffer for your art! (Says the forced-convert lefty, “I did! Why shouldn’t you have to?”)

Bite me.

And I think it’s the worst among string players since their instrument has been the last to be dragged out into the rest of the musical universe from the medieval world of classical music, where one abnegates oneself and surrenders to anonymity for the higher greatness of the composer and the conductor.

Well, we’re done abnegating, people.