Speaking of suffering …

… I’d love it if someone could explain to me why my viola can sometimes feel so comfy and at-home on my shoulder (no, that’s not me), and other times it’s like I have a space alien crab-creature affixed to me by claws and fangs (no, that’s not me either). I put it up there one day, and it rests easily, as if it’s made of kitten fur and weighs nothing. My intonation is wonderful, because my hand feels just as comfortable on the viola as the viola does on me.

Another day, my neck gets a crick in it, my jaw hurts from the chinrest, I can’t decide whether to leave the shoulder rest on there or not (I usually take it off, find I can’t do the shifting exercises without it, and put it back on), and my scroll arm forearm hurts.

I do not get this thing. I feel like I can’t practice any relaxation techniques because I can’t tell whether I’ll be relaxed or not, and what’s causing it. Exactly the same setup will be perfect one day, painful the next. I guess this explains why Stevie goes from being called “baby” and “dollbaby” to “you little pr*ck” from one day to the next.

Update: You know, now that I think about it, I think that the thing just feels better when I’ve been able to wake up in the civilized fashion preferred by most primates — yawning, dozing, scratching, burping, and wandering around in my pajamas for two hours sipping coffee and petting the cat. In other words, on weekends.