Finally changed my strings.

Argh. The C, G, and D sound cleaner, but the A (a Larsen) is going through my head like a nail. I just do not like high-pitched sounds. I need to find a nice, dusky A string or else just stop getting steel As to go with other sets and use full sets of Obligatos or Doms next time. I might get an Obligato A to go along with the C, G, and D and just chuck this damned Larsen.

I’m the person who cringes when I can see the principal flute reach under his chair to get the piccolo out. I hate high-pitched sounds. If I liked being shrieked at right under my ear by Alvin and the Chipmunks, I’d be playing a violin. I’ll let it settle for a bit, but I suspect that that Larsen A is coming off as soon as I can get my hands on the A that goes with the rest of the set.

Tuning was “fun”; I hadn’t done that for as while since my strings settled in some time ago. I anticipate a lot of tweaking and fussing for the upcoming week or two until the things settle out, and then more so when I get my hand on an Obligato A. I suspect I am just not detail-oriented enough to make a truly gifted string player, but I’ll have to see. I’m still not used to the idea of tuning my own instrument. I tweak and fuss until it sounds good, but I don’t have any quantifiable way of saying, “Ah, the beats are in this direction, so that means I must gain another 0.87Hz on my D string,” or anything like that. I just tweak until I stop cringing and it sounds nice to me. I hate it when it sounds off, so when the EEEK! reaction goes away, I assume I’m in tune.