Lefty violist at 1:13!!

And again at 8:38.

Sometimes I think that forced-convert left-handed string players resent lefties who insist on playing left-handed because we break not the uniformity of the look of an orchestra, but the anonymity of it. They subsumed themselves into the norm in order to play by the rules and not stand out. They will dislike people who refuse to do the same. Out of all those string players, that one lefty is the one I noticed, isn’t he — along with the cameraman, twice? And along with the women, of course. And certainly, the fact that female players would draw undue attention to themselves and interrupt the visual uniformity of the orchestra is one of the arguments historically leveled against their inclusion. Such arguments are disdained today, and correctly so. Note that the orchestra in this film (taken in 1970) was also quite uniform in terms of color; is that a visual uniformity that should be defended?

This is only part 1 of a four-part series, as well. The second part also includes a lovely pan past the orchestra with the left-hander in the middle of the frame. I can’t promise that his presence didn’t cause a wormhole to open up in the middle of the viola section, but one didn’t spring into existence while the cameras were rolling, at least.