These are crap.

I may be a n00b, but I know that. There’s nearly nothing on the C string until #6! How the hell can you learn to play a viola when you ignore the hardest string? A kid can play on the top two strings. Shit, even I can play on the top two strings!

Well, I have plenty to keep me busy what with my refusal to get out of Suzuki v1 until I’ve sucked all the marrow out, and then with the Fitzpatrick Melodies after that, and probably Telemann since (according to my teacher) that’s what those things are aiming the student violist at. Although I’d probably be better served by just moving to Suzuki v2 for viola; I think I’ll do that after I really get my feet under me on the Gavotte, just move between the Melodies and Suzuki v2.

I’ve got plenty to chew on for now. Like I said earlier, I’ll dynamite that bridge when I get to it.