Strange, nice breakthroughs

In those two Bach Minuets (1 & 2) in Suzukiv1. I’m happy-happy right now, although I still overdo it when I hit a breakthrough. It’s a bad habit: I learn something, become enamored of it, and do it a million times until my scroll arm gets sore. I’m still rotating my palm too far toward the back; I need to relax my scroll hand and reach down the fingerboard and not across. Nevertheless, I’m making some wonderful headway now that I can move through these things at a more reasonable, deliberate pace and make sure I can suck all the marrow out before moving on.

Then, Minuet 3, the Happy Yet Unattractive Farmer, and the Garotte Gavotte. Again. Then, I sit on them until I feel like I’ve got them solidly under my feet. Then, it’s back to the Fitzpatrick Melodies. And I scrape away at those things until it comes time to shift while playing or do a vibrato, or something else that I can’t manage without help. Then … um, I’ll dynamite that bridge when I come to it.

And I have to stop overfreakingdoing it when I manage something that I haven’t managed before. This is ridiculous — but it’s so fun when you’ve been hitting your head on something for ages and suddenly get an inch of forward movement. Well, it’s also nerve-wracking when you are anxious not to lose that suddenly acquired new territory and want to nail it down as quickly as possible before you forget what the hell it was you managed to do the next day or weekend, and you’re back to “Twinkle” like a game of Chutes and Ladders.

So for today, it was:

  • Using 2/3 as a sort of fulcrum and calibrating myself with them, which I’m not sure I should do, but it works a treat.
  • Loosening up my hand so that I can use my 4th finger by sort of readjusting my wrist. It’s not good violin technique, but I’m not playing a violin. I’m playing its spiteful older sibling.
  • And digging in with the index finger on the bow to make sure that the string doesn’t make that awful whang! noise when you shift downward or suddenly have to cope with an open string.
  • And, as always, using the “juicy” part of the fingertip to stop the string. I’m not on tip-toe anymore, but I’m not quite far enough down yet. It makes a big difference when I am.

Now, I need to put on some Journey and let the other Stevie just sing away and sound pretty …