Ah, the delights of Suzuki v1

Still making sure I don’t backslide too much, and I’m happy to report both that it’s not horrible, and that I haven’t backslid and have in fact gotten a bit better. Whee! There’s some stuff I can do with the 4th finger that I couldn’t do before; of course, there’s some stuff that’s still nasty, and I still continue to hit the C string when going for the G. Someday, I will return to Stephen Davy and get that fingerboard replaned, though.

All in all, it’s nice. I still wish it came with headphones. (I also wish it were less ergonomically malicious, but hey, it’s a viola. Like hyenas, they’re born with fangs.)

Also happy with the “Mormorio” work thus far. I’ll probably scan and upload the sheet so that I have a backup copy here before finishing it — whenever that happens — and getting it into Lilypond.

Off-topic: I love Earl Grey tea. And as you can tell, I am not at the theater watching Gustavo Dudamel and two French dudes going at Brahms. I called in lazy.