V of V of V

I’m sorry, but I love music theory sometimes. There’s a place in “Con rauco mormorio” where I’m in B7. The thing is in D (well, it’s in close-enough-to-D on a modern A, which is fine by me).

So, we have the main song in D, except where it moves into A … from E … and of course Haendel steps into E from B7.

It’s a pretty part of the song, too. (I can finally call something a song! Whee! Take that, all you taxonomic pedants!) I’m looking forward to working on it more this weekend. It’s so gorgeous, and I still can’t quite believe that I’m sitting at the piano figuring it out.

Update: Ready to go to bed. Happy with progress so far. 🙂 Another three measures, and I’m done with the first major repeat of the main theme. The best part of all is that I get to listen to this a million times:

I still keep hearing it sung by Art Garfunkel in my head.