The A on the G string keeps moving around! I’m in D now so it’s flatter than when I play stuff in G, and it’s irritating me.

I know, this is part of why I’m sawing away on this damn box of string in the first place, so I can go digging for the notes and tweak them. But there’s a lot to be said for an A just being an A instead of wandering around because it’s suddenly playing a different role.


And furthermore, why do I not hear this when I am at the piano? I’ve got some sort of contextual tuning going on in my ears where something will sound peachy on the piano, and then when I pick up the viola, I’m hearing, “Sharp! Sharp! Sharp! WTH?!”

In other news, the shoulder rest is back. I plan to decisively and without hesitation vacillate on the topic of whether I feel more comfortable with or without it. Or not.