Backing up a bit on the C#m

I would almost have forgotten that the only reason I got the Fm to come to a conclusion was because I allowed myself to make multiple detours on the way where I threw out entire phrases and sections that didn’t seem to work or that didn’t do it for me. Thus far, I haven’t done that with the C#m. I’ve gone slowly and a bit more deliberately, but I haven’t frogged anything thus far. I might be overdue for it. I think the stuff that I had half-congealed in my brain as the next bit of music to come has to get shaken up and see what new shape it takes when it settles down. I like bits of it, but there are ways in which it’s not doing what I want it to do, so into the frog pond it goes.

I’m also concerned that I’m … overmodulating. Just switching chords too often and with too much of a clockwork rhythm. The only thing I’ve written where I just allowed myself to settle into a nice, placid I with a few easygoing deviations into V or IV-V was that George Winston/Clementi thing in GM that got shoved into a piece of tupperware and stuck in the back of the freezer. (WordPress is marking “tupperware” as incorrect without capitalization. I refuse to bow to the juggernaut of megalomaniacal corporate power when exercised within my spellchecker. How about kleenex? Or nylon? Yes on “kleenex,” but no on “nylon.” I think DuPont lost the rights to that word through decades of non-enforcement.)

Anyway. I think I’m going to let the music get a bit mooshy in the next stages, and see if I can’t stick in one chord for a while instead of bouncing around all over the place once/twice per measure.

Eventually, I’d also like to do something that isn’t in a triplet meter, but I’d like a lot of things.