So I’m not going to be a brilliant improviser any time soon. ;-)

It goes well. But it goes slowly. I like to just take my time and put Just. The Right. Notes. Down. It’s how I work. 🙂

It’s the C#m in case anyone cares. Or is out there.

I think I may have to resign myself to the fact that this is going to be a lot longer than I want it to be. I keep writing these damned tomes … well, three and a half pages once Lilypond is done chewing on it is a tome to me. (Tome. To-me. I like that!)

I’m not in a hurry, so it’s not like this is a serious problem, but just once I’d like to start something where I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel from the starting gate, even if I have to squint. Oh, well. Onward.

And shedding occasionally at “Bethena” continues to help loosen up my mind to where the creativity comes more easily, a bit like shaking the bucket of legos up and down before you open it and dig in. It also helps me play my own music better, which challenges me to write it at a higher level, which I like. Even if it’s annoying to keep swapping back and forth between learning other people’s music and writing my own, not a simple thing since I also work at a fairly demanding mid-to-high-level job. I suppose what it all boils down to is:

“Writing music is a big pain in the ass.”

I may faint from shock. In other news, water is wet and grass is green.