Peeling up the velcro

So I may have been able to move away from that gimmick in the C#m successfully. I need to replace it with something, though. It might be possible to get back to the main theme — that I introduced for 8 measures and then completely abandoned! — but I’m not sure if it’s quite time for that yet. Maybe in a bit.

This one is still so hard to work with. It doesn’t seem to have a natural contour to it, or if it does, I haven’t sussed it out yet. It’s really just going from one section to the other. Maybe a better composer could do that and have it turn out acceptably, but I’m not in that category by a long shot and I’m not happy about pulling that seat-of-the-pants cop-out “artiste” junk where you just don’t work very hard at it, slop something random on the page, and call it a “technique.”

I need to just play the entire thing up to the point where it’s at now and listen to it a few dozen times, making sure to punctuate it in my head so I can mark where each part starts and ends.

And I am not going to write anything in 3/8 for some time, hopefully forever. 12/8 or 4/4 next. Or maybe 2/4 and I can get back to “Twilight.”

Or I can finally start on that project of “Journey Ballads for Viola and Piano” again …

Or get back to that damned thing in Ebm. (Six flats by themselves aren’t bad, but when the relative major is what I think of as a sharp key, I draw the line.)

Who knows.