I try to be open-minded about music. There’s an “art crawl” outside my apartment right now. And I admit, I’ve listened to and enjoyed my share of new wave and even punk.

But punk, like “contemporary classical,” is a form of music that is all too often used by people to hide the fact that they have no talent and to make a virtue of this.

Yes, I tended to prefer pop-punk. Debbie Harry could at least hit the notes, and could write actual music in the bargain. Besides, her drummer was magnificent. Clement Burke. *dopey face* Drummed like a brain surgeon.

Thankfully, the C#m is going nicely. And a little bubble-and-squeak going on outside is a nice reminder of the existence of life. (Oh hey … she’s actually singing something now. Somewhat.)

Coming of age in the 80s spoiled me. I expect singers to sing.

Ah, we’re back to screaming again … I hope those vendors didn’t expect to sell anything. I prefer the kind of music where you can tell if there’s wrong notes.

Update: Ah, another band! One that can play their instruments! Thank you!