Jekyll and Hyde

I can’t figure out whether it’s me or the viola that does the morphing, though.

I seem to have hit on something strange.

I hate the viola until Friday night, upon which point I adore it until Monday morning, when I promptly hate it again.

I really seem incapable of liking the thing on a “school night.” It’s incredibly strange. This of course doesn’t set me up to become very good, but for 2/7ths of the week, I love screwing around on it. For 5/7ths, I can do so for about 11 seconds, and then I’m throwing the bow across the room. It’s amazing how it can feel so good on the weekends; literally the minute I get home from work on Friday I’m eagerly planning the piffling I’m going to do on the viola come 10am Saturday morning, the time I’ve set in my head where I’m willing to begin making that horrible noise. 8pm is the evening cutoff time.

But during the week, I want something that exercises other parts of my brain, the more automated creative parts that operate on a higher level. Piano and many handcrafts take my attention then, and all the annoyance and frustration of the viola just bleeds away into getting something done. During weekends, I can regress and operate at a lower level. During the week, I’m The Executive at 30,000ft and would get decompression sickness if I had to dive down to 3 inches off the ground, where the viola currently lives.

I love it when armchair pop-skientists(sic) talk about warmed-over pop psych from USA Today to explain why kids can learn this better than adults. Kids have more time, and fewer distractions. They don’t even operate at 30,000ft yet. How much more obvious can this be?

Started another piece of lace last night as well, and have committed to shedding the living daylights out of “Bethena” this Saturday and then ratcheting way back and starting in on writing again, no matter what condition “Bethena” is in. *sigh* I want to get back to writing again. It’s time.