I’m noodling tonight.

That’s it. I want to sit down and scribble aimlessly. It’s fun and I haven’t done it since I took a writing vacation by skiving off with Scott. He’ll have to wait. Thankfully, he’s dead. Dead people tend to be patient.

Ebm here I come. Six flats. Lovely. And a relative major that my brain continues to think of as a sharp key.

Or C#m. We’ll see. That one will still take some more nuts-and-bolts stuff before I’m ready to move forward with it, though. I’m still not entirely sure how it’s structured yet.

This really isn’t any different from writing with words. The more thinking you do at the start, the less molar-grinding you do in the middle.

I continue to be unpleasantly surprised at how there are never any other posts under WordPress’s “music” tag written by people who are actually making the stuff. John Philip Sousa once complained coming up on a very long time ago indeed that the phonograph was going to destroy home music making since it was going to result in the public consuming music created by what he called its professional executants. He’s right. It’s very, very sad.

However, I don’t think even he foresaw that the public executants wouldn’t actually be able to sing or play anything.