Multi-string calibration

There’s an annoying bit in one of those numbing little minuets in Suzuki 1 that has always irked me. It’s two phrases:

G-F-E-D-C: where the first four notes are scaled down the D string as 3-2-1-0 and then a 3 on the G string. Due to the way the phrase is structured, I don’t have to put down all three on the G string to hit the C; I just calibrate where 3 goes by where it was on the D. The annoying part comes next:

A-F-E-D-C: where suddenly I need to leap up a fifth on the D string and bring 4 into play. My hand does not want to twist in the manner that would allow me to easily calibrate 4 by 3 on the G string, unfortunately — in effect, to do at the beginning of the second phrase what I did at the end of the first. I’ve tried. It hurt.

So I’m going to try approaching it a different way. I’m just going to finger it as a D on the G string. Just put my pinky down in the right place, one string down. Just get used to doing that, and then start rotating my elbow back and crossing strings to the D.

In these two phrases, the first four notes are on the D string, and the last is on the G. I’d like to see if I can’t force my brain to think of the first note in the second phrase as existing on the G string (even though it doesn’t), and then in my mind F-E-D on the D string will be its own little entity, and an easy one since it’s just 2-1-0.

So for the foreseeable future, or until I get sick of it, I’m going to change that A from 3 on the D to a 3 on the G. I want to get used to putting my pinky down calibrated to the 3 on the G, and then introduce the elbow rotation that will move it to the correct string. Might help.