As much as I love “Bethena” …

I really have to shed it for two more weekends maximum and then get back to writing. I cannot write and shed other people’s stuff at the same time. It’s not only a matter of free time, but it’s a matter of where my head is. While I was writing, I would often spend the hazy-headed morning time before the alarm goes off doodling silently in my head to figure out where I was headed on a piece. This morning, it was all about the second theme in “Bethena” and trying to work out not only the simply technique-related bugs but figure out what the interp should be once I finally get rid of them. Technique is only step zero — what comes afterwards?

I also worked on mentally shedding parts of the Fm thing that I wrote a while back, but since that is finished, shedding it is identical to “Bethena” in that I’m working the wrists as much as the mind instead of working on actually writing.

This weekend will be more “Bethena,” then next weekend … then that’s it. Back to writing.