fine on “Bethena”

*huge intake of breath*

Now, to shed the thing to bits.

Also … well, apparently I still like to slowly wander around my apartment aimlessly noodling on the viola (slow scales, half-scales, maj/min up and down, shifts, etc.). I still can’t manage more than a weekly noodling to ensure that I don’t completely forget how to handle the thing, but evidently, that weekly noodling will remain a part of my life for as long as the viola does. (In other words, until the end and beyond.)

It also means that yes, I do need to get a music stand. Oh, well.

I also need to bake some cinnamon rolls or cookies for my neighbors. Having a beginning string player move in next door is like having the coughing guy with the really bad BO sit next to you on a transcontinental flight.

Update: Music stand acquired, although I still spend most of my time with the viola wandering in a circle nowhere near it and dipping and swaying. I am happy to report that I am still moving in a good direction regards my scroll hand wrist, too. And I can feel small improvements in my fingering (what I call marshmallow fingers) surfacing from time to time. I only hope that the occasional noodling can enable me to at least hold my ground on them instead of sliding backwards.