Am moving this weekend. Viola is in the new place, piano in the old. Running around packing things now so that I need do nothing whatsoever but stand and watch when the movers arrive.

It’s nice. I’ve hit a sort of advanced Pack-Farr state. However, I haven’t been playing much. I want to get back to the state of being able to wake up on the weekend, put on a pot of chocolate truffle-flavored coffee, pet the cat, scratch myself, piffle around with the rest of that C#m thing and “Bethena,” and mess around trying to keep my meager viola mojo in an acceptable state of disrepair as well.

It will be wonderful to have a clutter-free, airy apartment in which I can relax. I plan to be vicious about throwing things out that I don’t need; I’m not by any means a packrat, but I just want to not be hauling around one single thing I don’t actually use.

This dictate will at some point involve my antediluvian computer, which unfortunately contains my iPod library. I’d love to export it, but most of the export directions one can find from the online “help” forums involve hoopdeefriggling the whatchamacallit, followed by transversely inverting the framizam, and slaughtering a black rooster by the crossroads at midnight. *sigh* It will probably be worth my while to simply gird my loins and re-rip my CDs into a new computer, setting it to save the resulting files someplace reasonable this time instead of just letting the computer decide where to put them and having the damned thing stick them in the computer-equivalent of a cross-dimensional lockbox at the end of the universe guarded by the firebreathing Dragons of Eternity.

I make my living with computers, and even I hate the goddamned things at this point.