The sciences and the arts

I wish more people would understand that there is little to no difference between the arts and the sciences.

The arts can indeed divide, oppress, and further wars. Leni Riefenstahl was a visual artist. So were all those people who painted those creepy communist posters all over China. Propaganda and uses of the arts to frighten, oppress, create outcasts, and control others is an old as the hills.

The sciences can indeed unite and inspire — some of the most doggedly disrespectful-of-political-boundaries types have always been scientists, whose first instinct is always to share information freely and openly with almost anyone and collaborate across any border. It’s what got Andrei Sakharov in trouble, and ran Einstein out of Germany. Google “Trofim Lysenko” and see what happened to the biologists in Soviet Russia.

Artists and scientists both are often those who shed the first blood in any tyrannical system. This polarization of the innocent and sweet, creative arts against the warlike bomb-making, robotic sciences is a load of garbage.

Any artist or scientist who disdains the other discipline is neither artist nor scientist but a half-brained amateur of no great quality. And I have to say, I’ve known as many artists who can’t balance their checkbooks at gunpoint as I’ve known scientists who can play instruments at a high level, so I think the arts has a little more heavy lifting to do to keep up their end.