Goddamn it.

Apparently, I am still interested in playing viola despite my best efforts to not be. Of course, it was a three-day weekend.

My commute will be getting much better shortly, and I have resolved to mess around with it on my own in order to avoid the weekly or-else associated with lessons, for the moment. I’m self-directed enough to be able to do this at a low level, I think. However, if I can make the viola work with learning other people’s stuff on the piano as well as writing my own, I may-may-may contact my instructor again after the summer. Let’s face it, I’ll never manage double stops or shifts without hands-on advice. What I’ve learned so far is the basics of what to think about — the lay of the land — and how to manipulate the thing in a way that won’t cause pain and injury. Those are the very basics, and enough to give me room to mess around in, but more will be needed in the future.

We’ll see where it winds up, but for now, I will happily piffle aimlessly in the sandbox of the first six Fitzpatrick melodies and however far I can get in the Suzuki books before I run up against double stops and shifting. I think part of the stress of the viola lessons was that we were moving at a fairly breakneck pace, which I normally love, but I didn’t feel like I was getting my feet under me. I would rather have done six or seven exercises on each new skill acquired than to race through doing each one time and then adding a new one. And lessons every two weeks would have been more optimal.

When push comes to shove, I think I just want to go at my own pace.

And the mute stays on.

(Getting the fingerboard replaned and finding a new bow might still be in the cards, though … Just not for a while until I recuperate from the move financially.)