“Bethena” yet again, and other things

*happy sigh* Back to this one again, and that annoying, gorgeous second theme that has me going cross-eyed with anti-parallel octave bounces. It’s so gorgeous … and only Joplin, the guy who could get from Barstow to Bb, can manage a graceful modulation from G to Bb. He can get from anywhere to Bb. He’s like a Bb homing pigeon. Happy to discover that I did not entirely make a fool of myself on it. It should shape up nicely with hard work.

Also happy to finally call done on the Fm, once and for all. It’s out of my hair, and I’m pleased with it.

Have started yet another thing, a study on more dissonant stuff, half-steps and so forth, and I’m happy with it even if it is short as anything. I think I’d like to leave this one short, and just develop three separate, related ideas as opposed to trying to develop one piece. That might be fun.